Install Drupal 9 in macOS using MAMP 

Install Drupal 9 in macOS using MAMP 


  • macOS 10.12+ & Intelx86 CPU | macOS 11+ & Apple M1/M2 CPU
  • MAMP 6.6 Download
  • Drupal 9.4.2 / 10 Download 


The scope of this tutorial is to learn how to install Drupal 9 on a local host in macOS. It is important to notice installing drupal using composer is the recommended method by Drupal. This alternative method is good for testing and experimentation purposes, but not for a production environment.

In this tutorial, we will start considering that you have already installed MAMP on your macOS computer. If you have not, please refer to this MAMP Installation Guide.

  1. Start MAMP localhost server
  2. Create a Drupal folder
  3. Create a database
  4. Follow Drupal Install Wizard
  5. That’s it! 





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